Thursday, February 27, 2020

White-Nosed Syndrome in Hibernating Bats. Chelsea Essay

White-Nosed Syndrome in Hibernating Bats. Chelsea - Essay Example This is shown by studies of bat species in Europe and America. None of these species is similar. The reasons for lack of the disease in Europe may be because the bats in Europe may be carriers or it may be due to their habitat characteristics where they roost in small clusters or alone. (Kocer, 2012). The confirmation test for White – Nose syndrome is done by taking samples of fungal lesions on the muzzles of bats. UV fluorescence is also used as a screening tool for the presence of the causative agent of WNS. On been undertaken through the process of UV fluorescence, the wings of infected bats fluorescence with a yellow speckling pattern on their wings. False positives are produced by the fluorescence of the muzzle area (Kocer, 2012). There is hope for treatment of WNS. Laboratory tests have shown the causative agent of WNS is susceptible to various axole antifundal drugs. The fungus is also temperature dependant that is the reason why it infects hibernating bats. Optimal functioning temperature for the fungus is 12.5 15.8 0C. Current research is ongoing to slow its progression over long distance by reducing human transmission. A national WNS plan has been set up to tackle the disease (Kocer,

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