Monday, February 10, 2020

The Morality of Law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Morality of Law - Essay Example erstood that possessing and consuming drugs is an offence if caught and being a police officer, it becomes a responsibility of promote law and regulations. In this case professional discretion should be applied as possessing and consuming drugs is an offence affecting the society in a wrong and bad manner and up to some extent questioning conscience of an individual responsible to the society. Being a responsible citizen and friend, it becomes important to stop illegal activities along with making people understand on its consequences. Moral realism does not allow to being a spectator for activities affecting individuals and later, the society. In that position, it is important to communicate with the actual friend along with asking him to pull a break on these activities. It would have been followed by a warning as illegal and immoral activities need to be stopped. Anyone offering a gift with a good intention is usually well accepted in the society irrespective of personal and professional spheres but offering something not in front of others raises questions over the intention and behavior of the giver raising moral issue. In this case, it cannot be considered as a mere gift. In this case professional discretion is required as the officers are not supposed to accept gifts and kinds from the society. It becomes important to appreciate the kindness along with stating the inappropriate manner of giving the gift. The police officers are civil servants responsible for promoting law and order rather than manipulating it for personal benefits and interests. If the gift would have been offered in front of everyone with a personal touch, it would have been considered as a gift but behind the back of others, it can be considered as a bribe, an intention to highlight one’s personal kindness. Being a homosexual is not a crime and immoral behaviour. The moral issue is not with police department but with the officer Davis, whose behavior and conscience is not allowing

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